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My firm was established in 1906. I have been a full time practicing attorney in Florida for over 43 years. I have used Attorney's Advantage Group to handle hearings, trials, depositions, etc. over fifty times in recent months. I have found that they are always reliable, well prepared and thorough. They can be consistently counted on to present cases to the clients' best advantage. I recommend to you without reservation.

​Having enlisted the services of Attorney's Advantage Group on various occasions, I have been very impressed with the quality of coverage work they provide. Attorney Sarah Flores, in particular, is always prepared for court, prompt in her reporting, and a pleasure to work with.

Attorney's Advantage Group is the go-to firm for your peace of mind and that of your clients. The attorneys are knowledgeable and organized. You can depend on them to be punctual, professional, and prepared for every hearing. We confidently trust AAG for all of our coverage needs, and highly recommend any law firm to do the same.

As a growing firm in Central Florida, it is important to be available to our clients' needs. Ms. Sarah Flores and Attorney's Advantage Group have been of exceptional assistance to our firm. We are able to rely on them for coverage in numerous legal proceedings such as hearings, case management conferences, trials, and the like. Their team is not only professional, knowledgeable, but also reliable. They are our first point of contact when needing coverage around Central Florida. Their immediate attention is astounding, even when requested the night before an early morning hearing. 

I have used Attorney Appearance Group to secure coverage for hearings in my cases for a couple of years, and have never been even slightly disappointed in any facet of our business relationship. As a user, everything I need is handled quickly and efficiently. I cover hearings for attorneys through Attorney Appearance Group, and I enjoy doing so because of the preparation that they do before referring the file – documents are ready and questions answered before they are asked. They pay quickly as well and I don’t have to send an invoice. That’s a big plus for me. I recommend them without reservation.

I can not thank Ms. Flores and her team enough.   As a solo practitioner, the calendar is of the utmost importance and moving cases with continuance is not always practicable.   Ms. Flores' team have come to my rescue on more than one occasion and allowed me to handle two places at the same time.   The attorneys have been professionals maintaining the integrity of the system and my practice, reaching out to prepare and reviewing afterward.  I have been able to push my clients interest without falling behind due to a calendar conflict.   The service has been a blessing to those of us who do not have a room full of associates hungry to bill the files for appearances at our disposal.




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